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Zeeshan S. – I relocated to MA, Lexington and use to have a great chiro. Prior to becoming a regular patient at Dr Astapoveh’s practice I had been going to another chiro for the past 3 months here in lexington and I was not satisfied so I started looking and found his practice.
Dr Astapoveh uses stim machines, cold laser therapy, warm/cold packs among other things to treat you – Also, his adjustments are great (and they are manual).
He is very flexible, has great availability and will work around your schedule. When you are in, you are given 1-on-1 attention and care.

Jonathan S. – Dr. Bob is outstanding and a pleasure to deal with. Flexible scheduling, effective treatment, great location with plenty of parking. Highly recommended.

Tina M. – I am so grateful to have met Dr. Bob. My chronic neck and shoulder issues (which I had for years) are non-existent since I have been treated. His skilled adjustments have helped me with overall flexibility and range of movement- I have never felt better!  Dr. Bob scheduling is so accomodating and flexible, he will fit me in at a moments notice.  I am now a huge fan of chiropractic medicine and of Dr. Bob- I highly, highly recommend him.

Bill Phillips – I love this place! I try to visit once a week for my back and neck. On multiple occasions I have been in situations where I have had acute neck or back pain that kept me from work and normal everyday activities and Dr Astepoveh got me back on my feet, back to work and free of pain…..I would highly recommend that anyone who is suffering from neck or back issues as I was to give Dr.Bob a visit!!

Kathleen Noonan – When we moved to Lexington 16 years ago, I immediately went in search of a chiropractor to replace my longtime one near my previous home. The care Dr. Bob has provided to me has gotten me through many painful back episodes within surprisingly short time periods. My husband is a longtime runner and thought he would never run again when a herniated disc stopped him cold. It took a bit of time but Dr. Bob not only got him back on his feet but back to running! Now we visit Dr. Bob once a month to keep our backs in good shape. Since we moved to Cape Cod in September 2013, we are still making our once a month visits to Dr.Bob!

Karen Ziminski – Have been going here for about seven years. Usually takes just one visit to make pain go away. I’m really lucky to have such a good chiropractor so close to where I live.

Danell Tomasella – Dr. “Bob” has been my chiropractor since 1997. Lexington Family Chiropractic is high quality chiropractic care, provided by a caring and dedicated professional – who continues to earn the trust and respect in the community. We are fortunate to have “Dr. Bob” in Lexington. I continue to recommend LFC to friends, colleagues, and individuals who are experiencing pain, without reservation.

Tara Melanson – I have been a patient of Dr. Astapoveh for about 3 years now. I first came to his office with severe neck pain due to a violent fall in my tub (yup, I practically broke my neck, be careful, they say most accidents happen in or close to home, now I believe it’s true). As a result of the fall, I herniated a disk in my cervical spine. I spent over a year trying different doctors, treatments and remedies. I was beginning to feel depressed wondering if I will forever be in constant pain. At the time, I worked in Lexington, MA so I decided to do a little research on the local chiropractors. My research lead me to Dr. A for a few reasons: 1. location near Lexington center was real nice and 2. his great online reviews. Well I made that first appointment and I am so happy that I did. After just one visit, which included just a few very gentle adjustments, my severe neck pain was diminished by 80%! I was pleasantly surprised! Thanks so very much Dr. Astapoveh!
Bottom line, if you are looking for help with neck or shoulder pain I suggest you consider making an appointment with Dr. A. He is a very nice person and if you have never been to a chiropractor before and you are afraid, he is very careful not to hurt you during the adjustment. He will help you feel better!

Jennifer Johnson – “Dr. Bob” Astapoveh has been my chiropractor for years now. He has successfully treated lower back pain, neck pain, and sciatic pain. Plus, these adjustments are a big part of how I manage the physical side of stress. Bob is kind, knowledgeable, and flexible. He understands the challenges that busy professional face, and makes it easy to schedule — or reschedule — appointments as needed. His assistant Kathy is also awesome. Thanks, Lexington Family Chiropractic!

Jennifer Gibson – I am so happy I met Dr. Bob. I dealt with neck and shoulder pain for years. I tried everything to find relief when it flared up – Motrin, heat, ice, massage – nothing solved the problem and it always came back. It got really bad about 4 years ago and when I mentioned it to my coworkers, six different people told me to call Dr. Bob. In just a few weeks the pain was completely gone. I now know why he’s so popular.
The health benefits are astounding. I walk out of his office after a 15 minute appointment feeling better than I do after an hour-long massage. Dr. Bob is the absolute best. Incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful, focused, kind, professional and personable. He’ll work with your schedule, too. I highly recommend giving him a call

Charles B. – I am a patient of Dr. Bob’s for over 20 years. He has helped heal my back and neck pains when I inevitably injure myself. Most importantly, by keeping to a regular schedule of chiropractic maintenance I feel that my overall health is improved and I am less prone to injury.

Dr Bob treats my wife and two kids as well. My wife prefers the use of an activator and the rest of us prefer spinal manipulation. He also uses stim, heat, stretching, and cold laser treatments as needed. Given all the equipment he has in his spacious and private treatment rooms, Dr. Bob probably has many healing techniques suited to other patient’s needs.
His office is clean and modern. His staff is friendly. He accepts walk-ins or will set up regular appointments with you.
My family is very pleased with the services offered by Lexington Family Chiropractic and we highly recommend his office.

Jay R. – I can’t believe this guy doesn’t get more reviews… I was referred here by a friend and arrived in pretty bad shape. Dr. Bob was great. Very thorough and understanding. After some stim and a couple of easy adjustments I’m feeling a surprising improvement. Check this place out.

Ben A. – I own a moving company, am lifting and moving heavy items all the time, and got a protruding disc a few months ago because of it. I went in to see Dr. Bob and couldn’t be happier with the results so far. He does an amazing job at working out the problems I have with my back. I feel a million times better after each visit. He is extremely flexible and doesn’t get frustrated with my always changing schedule. I highly recommend this practice and will continue to go back for any issues I will have in the future.

K.V. – I call Dr. Bob my miracle worker! I’ve been seeing him for almost 17 years and during that time he has helped me (and quite a few of my family members and friends) out of several significant physical issues. He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always makes time in his schedule for his patients. I can’t praise (and thank) him enough!

Elena Selivan – Dr. Bob is amazing. Knowledgeable, experienced, very professional, great service, very understanding and caring. My teenage daughter and I have being patients for over a year. I hurt my back playing tennis and he found the problem and fixed it for good. I no longer have any issues with my back. Same with my daughter. Even my 5yo loves to visits.

Carol Hogan – Dr Bob has helped me tons I was heading for surgery I am now pain free without surgery. Dr Bob was the only dr who listened and explained to me where the pain was coming from. I commit to Lexington Family Chiropractics!!

Sarah Davis – I have been seeing Dr. Astapoveh for many years now. He is very knowledgeable and proficient and he keeps me running well. It is quick and easy to get an appointment. Kathy is welcoming and helpful. There is really a great atmosphere in the office. I would highly recommend him.

Christine Chiasson – I did some research in order to locate a QUALITY chiropractor in a field that can have its flakes! All reviews of Dr. Bob Astropovah were excellent but I still proceeded with caution. Verdict: He is outstanding. A credible professional who knew exactly what ailed me and addressed it SPOT ON! I have returned many times and I feel great each and every treatment (life long back issues). He is also gracious, calming and easy-going. AGreat discovery right here in Lexington

John Suttles – I have been going to Lexington Family Chiropractic for over 20 years on and off. The only reason that I have not gone consistently is that I moved to Boston and the travel to and from was just to far. This past year I started a new job closer to Lexington and my health has benefited enormously. I have tried other chiropractors and there is no one else that can properly adjust me. Dr. Bob is the best at his profession and his office is extremely flexible fitting me in based on my schedule. I am very grateful that I found Lexington Chiropractic and I will make sure to keep going. My health depends on it.

Blair Weis – I pulled my lower back and was in extreme pain with limited movement. I was at work when I could no longer take the pain and found Dr. Bob online due his location and reviews. I called that morning and he was able to see me that afternoon and every day that week I have gone since then for regular adjustments and have been feeling great! The first session helped me tremendously, I was able to move! His advice of icing my back and changing my sleep routine has helped my improve as well. His office, staff, location and adjustments and personality make him a great doctor. I highly recommend and endorse, you will not be disappointed.

Frederick Merrill – Dr. Astapoveh is a first rate chiropractor who is very patient-centric. I came to Dr. Astapoveh with the classic lower back pain (sciatica) that many prime time baby-boomers like me now have. After discussion and education, which I asked for and he willing provided, I learned more about my condition and the best way to treat it with exercise and treatment by Dr. Astapoveh. I am very glad to report that within a few months of treatment for what was very severe pain (for me) that I am now pain free and I know what exercises to continue doing with periodic treatments. High highly recommend Dr. Astapoveh…check him out.

Grazia de la Cruz – Bardenheuer – I hurt my lower back moving a washing machine. The pain remained the same for two weeks. After my first session with Dr. Astapoveh, the pain greatly reduced so that I could resume most of my daily activities. After the 3rd session the pain was almost gone and I am happy to report that after my 5th session, I am pain free!!! Dr. Astapoveh has many years of experience, is personable and very effective and he takes all insurances too:)

Jodi Churchill Chapin – Dr Bob is AWESOME! I travel over 30 minutes to come and he’s well worth it! Incorporates many maneuvers as well as using heat, laser and EMS. Once you see him, you’ll wonder how you survived without him!